Teeth Whitening From A Trusted Professional

White Background Man Gary INOne of the most common cosmetic dental concerns is the accumulation of troublesome enamel stains. If you have started to notice a change in the quality of your smile, talk to your dentist about the causes before you attempt to treat your condition on your own. Certain forms of discoloration can require a different form of treatment than others, so you will want to have a diagnosis before you make any changes. Relying upon supermarket products for your whitening can weaken your enamel, leaving you at risk of developing dentin sensitivity.

With our dental team in Gary, IN, you can achieve a brighter smile with the assistance of a trained dentist. This way, you can avoid the problems that can come with over-the-counter options, such as weakened enamel. Renew your smile with one of our two effective methods, designed to safely lift your problem stains from your teeth. Talk to us about your comfort level and your timeline to find which approach can help you the best. When you need to see a brighter smile, schedule an appointment at our office!

Schedule An Examination Before You Attempt To Whiten Your Teeth On Your Own

These days, it seems like there are a million different over-the-counter options for teeth whitening, but you should be wary of their use. Such products can be ineffective at treating your condition for a number of reasons, so start your cosmetic dental path with an appointment for a trained dental professional. For example, internal discoloration may not change even with repeated bleaching.

The continued use of these products can lead to the weakening of your enamel, which can in turn contribute to dentin sensitivity. Instead of relying upon a store-bought cosmetic solution, make the effort in talking with a trusted dentist about your options in treatment. The lasting health of your teeth is important, so do not risk damage with supermarket products.

Either At Home Or In The Office, We Have A Whitening Treatment For You

When your dentist gives you a diagnosis of external enamel stains, talk to them about the different methods available to you. Our office gives you both an at-home form of care and a quick office solution that can be accomplished with a single visit. With our home whitening kits, you will receive a set of custom trays that fit your smile exactly. Start to notice results in just a few weeks with this comfortable whitening process!

Helpful Teeth Whitening At Our Office In Northwest Indiana

If you have started to notice a change in the quality of your smile, talk to a dental professional about which whitening method works best for you. For more information, give us a call at Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at (219)938-2637!