Month: November 2015

A Detailed Look at Food and Teeth Stains

The fact that food can stain teeth should be no great revelation. After all, given the rich, dark pigments that many of our favorite foods and beverages share, staining seems almost inevitable. Still, that does not make the burden of tooth stains any lighter to bear. When you understand how foods stain teeth, preventing the… Read more »

Why Worry About Gum Recession?

Your gums comprise the soft tissue that surrounds and seal the lower parts of your teeth from food debris, bacterial plaque, infection, and decay. Like a gasket in a motor, this seal can lose its grip for a number of reasons, including normal wear and tear. While gum recession can occur naturally, it still spells… Read more »

How to Overcome Bruxism

Neglecting your oral health by refusing to brush and floss your teeth is a sure-fire way to destroy your smile. Sometimes, though, you can expose your teeth to damage in a much subtler manner, such as through unconscious habits that can destroy your tooth’s structure. One such habit, called bruxism, involves the grinding of one’s… Read more »

Should You Choose a Dental Crown?

Did you know that your teeth are protected by the second-strongest substance on earth? Although only diamonds are stronger than tooth enamel, your teeth are not invincible and can become damaged or severely decayed if not properly cared for. Unfortunately, unlike other tissues in your body, the structure of your tooth contains no living cells,… Read more »