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Is It Time To Bring In The Family For A Checkup?

While restorative dentistry and cosmetic treatments certainly make enhancing your smile’s function and appearance much easier, the most important factor in your grin’s health is ultimately how on top of your preventive routine you are. Indeed, dental care is much more involved than simply brushing at home, and it takes a conscious effort on you… Read more »

How Your Diet Can Harm Your Teeth

The choices you make in your diet can have profound effects on your overall health. Along with brushing and flossing, maintaining a smart diet can provide big benefits for the health, and the appearance, of your teeth. Certain foods and drinks can affect the color of your teeth, and substances high in sugar can increase your… Read more »

Smart Sips for a Sparkling Smile

It’s summer time and on a hot, sunny day, there’s nothing better than finding a comfortable seat in the shade and enjoying a cold drink or frosty frozen treat. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with quenching your thirst and cooling off on a hot day, some summertime sips can cause serious damage to your teeth…. Read more »

Exercising For Your Oral Health

The benefits of exercise are all over the news, internet, and other media. Exercise is important. The truth is exercise takes energy and determination and not all of us have in equal amounts. Some of us don’t have it at all. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of exercise. Physical activity helps your body… Read more »

Diabetic Patients Have Increased Risk for Gum Disease

November is American Diabetes Month® (ADM) which is an effort by the American Diabetes Association to raise awareness of the millions living with the disease and the issues surrounding diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, almost 30 million children and adults in the US live with diabetes. 86 million Americans possess prediabetes and could… Read more »

Looking at Apples in a New Dental Light

Kids are back to school, and cooler weather is just around the corner. Apple picking and then biting into a crisp, fall apple is one of those quintessential seasonal activities. Most of us feel great about choosing an apple as a snack for ourselves or our children. After all, apples are known for keeping the… Read more »

Hormones and Dental Health

Women experience many changes throughout their lives from puberty to menopause, and you may be surprised to hear that these changes affect their dental health. Hormonal fluctuations affect blood flow to the gums as well as the body’s response to plaque buildup. These changes put women at risk for oral health problems such as periodontal… Read more »

Can Cleaning Teeth Keep You Healthy?

A lot of what goes on in your mouth affects more than the confines of your teeth and gums. A toothache isn’t always confined to the tooth, jaw pain often translates into chronic headaches, and oral bacteria aren’t fond of respecting your mouth’s boundaries. Given the connections between your oral health and your physical wellbeing,… Read more »