Month: June 2016

3 Conditions That Can Hurt Your Overall Oral Health

When it comes to your teeth, you have more to fear than just cavities. There are several conditions that can affect your oral health; preventive dentistry is intended to stop, or address, those problems in order to best protect your teeth. A problem like dry mouth will raise the chances that you will develop a… Read more »

3 Ways Your Dentist Can Improve Your Smile

If you only think about dental work as a means of fixing problems like cavities, you could be losing out on other important services. Cosmetic dental work makes your appearance a priority. Your dentist can do work to help you enjoy your best-looking smile possible, and find solutions to a range of possible issues. Your… Read more »

How A Dental Crown Fits Into Cavity Treatment

Not every cavity will lead to your needing a dental crown, but a crown can help you recover from a serious cavity. The crown is shaped to look like the tooth it will cover, and can be made from one of several different material types. These material types have different properties – a metal crown… Read more »

Fully Responding To An Issue That Calls For Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction can be a necessary measure for the sake of your oral health, but not something that people look forward to. If a problem is caught in time, restorative work can take care of a tooth before it becomes unsalvageable. However, sometimes this is the only recourse left to your dentist. In the event… Read more »

An Overview Of Cosmetic Dental Options

You can count on a cosmetic treatment from your dentist to make dramatic, important changes to your smile. These procedures are not a matter of oral health. In fact, if you have existing problems with the condition of your teeth, returning them to health will be the first priority. What cosmetic dentistry can do is… Read more »