What Can Restorative Dentistry Do For You?

If your teeth have sustained damage as a result of decay from improper dental care, or have been broken due to a hit to the mouth, then you may require a restorative procedure. This type of procedure is used to repair damaged or decayed teeth in an attempt to restore a tooth’s structural integrity, allowing for a tooth, or teeth depending on how many are affected, to be able to perform daily tasks. If you are unsure about whether or not you may require a restorative procedure, it is advisable to consult with your dentist as they will assess potential damages and determine an appropriate treatment option.

Different Types of Restorative Procedures

There are multiple treatment options available when it comes to restoring your teeth and an appropriate option will be determined based on both the cause and severity of the occurring damage. Once the cause and severity of damage has been determined, a restoration will be selected and performed to repair missing teeth or part of a tooth’s structure. These procedures include:

No matter the procedure performed, all work to achieve the same goal, restore your smile back to its original wholeness and enable you to be able to perform simple daily tasks, such as chewing your food and speaking clearly.

Caring for A Restoration

Typically following any dental procedure, it is important to maintain proper dental care in order to maintain a healthy mouth, along with preventing infection or damage to repaired teeth. This can be achieved through properly brushing and flossing your teeth along with receiving routine dental checkups to ensure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned and harmful bacteria has been eliminated. If repaired teeth experience severe damage, it can render the procedure ineffective, thus requiring additional treatment. This may require the original repair to be removed and further treatment will be necessary.


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