Month: July 2014

July 2014: Entertain Your Kids This Summer at Funflatables in Gary, IN

Kids love to move and bounce and as parents you know how important it is to keep your kids active. Good overall health includes regular exercise. If you’re looking for things to do this summer before school begins again, your northwest Indiana dentist, Dr. Nicholas Cain, suggests Funflatables Party-n-Play centers.

Toothbrush Basics

Your toothbrush is an important instrument. It not only keeps your teeth clean and helps maintain your oral health, but it is instrumental in maintaining your overall health too. If you don’t use the right toothbrush or you don’t use your toothbrush properly, you are not effectively warding off periodontal disease which has been linked… Read more »

What Is Oxygenating Toothpaste?

When you were a kid you simply were required to brush your teeth three times a day. Then you were required to brush your teeth, and floss daily. Now you are required to brush, floss, and brush your tongue. We learn as we go along, and research has indicated that flossing and tongue brushing helps… Read more »

Hormones and Dental Health

Women experience many changes throughout their lives from puberty to menopause, and you may be surprised to hear that these changes affect their dental health. Hormonal fluctuations affect blood flow to the gums as well as the body’s response to plaque buildup. These changes put women at risk for oral health problems such as periodontal… Read more »