Month: November 2020

Why it’s Important to Replace Lost Teeth

While adult tooth loss may not be as common as a cavity or gum disease, for example, it still can occur through a variety of circumstances. For instance, a cavity that has been formed due to harmful bacteria eating away at a healthy tooth’s structure could continue to develop into decay and, if left unchecked,… Read more »

Why It’s Important Not to Ignore Crooked Teeth

Many people go their entire lives without ever experiencing a problem with their tooth alignment and needing orthodontic treatment to correct it. Others may not experience tooth alignment problems until later in life, after all of their permanent teeth have already developed. The problem with crooked teeth is that, when the problem does arise, it… Read more »

The Problems with Having Sleep Apnea

When some people snore, it isn’t loud or consistent enough to really be considered a problem. For many people, it can happen if they fall asleep especially tired, or sleep in an odd position that causes their airway to become obstructed. However, when snoring is a constant and consistent thing, then it may be a… Read more »

How Your Dentist Helps You Beat Gingivitis

You need your dentist’s help to successfully address any concern that develops with your oral health. Yet, not everyone realizes when they have gingivitis, and by the time they visit their dentist, it may have already become more severe in the meantime. Today, we take a closer look at what it means to have gingivitis… Read more »