Month: November 2017

Protect Your Smile In 2018 With Routine Dental Visits

Have you kept up with dental visits in 2017? One way patients can make sure they are enjoying good oral health is by attending regular dental exams. Even if you feel confident in the condition of your smile, visiting regularly allows you to learn about developing problems, and potential concerns. Patients who regularly receive dental… Read more »

When Dental Troubles Call For A Root Canal Treatment

Taking oral health threats seriously is important. As a cavity forms, it will causing increasing damage to your tooth. When damage reaches the interior of your tooth, and infects the living tissue housed in your pulp, it can put you in a state of discomfort. As the damage continues to spread, you can lose your… Read more »

What You Can Do To Put A Stop To Painful TMJ Problems

Ignoring TMJ dysfunction means spending each day experiencing frustrating discomfort, and potential difficulties with biting and chewing. If your problems include a habit of grinding your teeth at night, ignor ing the problem can also lead to serious dental damage. Your TMJs are the joints that operate your jaw. Problems can stem from several potential… Read more »

Restoring Your Smile After Tooth Decay Is Addressed

When a cavity is identified on your tooth, your dentist will need to excise the damaged area completely. Tooth decay develops until it forms a cavity, which will continue to spread and damage your tooth until it is completely removed. Of course, this does leave you with a section of dental material missing from your… Read more »

How Much Of A Difference Can One Whitening Treatment Make?

How many sessions would you expect to schedule if you were working with your dentist to whiten your teeth? If you want to make dynamic changes, you may imagine yourself undertaking a time-intensive process. You may actually be much closer to the kind of results you hope to see than you might realize. A single… Read more »