FAQs: How Do I Avoid Cavities?

When a cavity forms you can experience discomfort and a greater risk of infection. However, there are steps you can take to help prevent the onset of tooth decay. In today’s blog, we’re answering a few common questions about avoiding dental cavities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Avoiding Cavities

Question: What causes a cavity to form?

Answer: Our teeth are coated in a protective layer of tooth enamel, which is designed to safeguard our smile against harmful bacteria. However, if the enamel erodes or is chipped/cracked, then bacteria can bypass the enamel and reach the more sensitive inner layers of dentin, causing a cavity to form. Enamel can erode due to poor oral hygiene or become damaged in an accident, such as a sports injury.

Question: How do I know if I have one?

Answer: If you attend routine checkups and cleanings, we can often spot them in the earliest stages and treat them before they cause discomfort. Otherwise, you may not know you have one until you experience tooth sensitivity or toothaches, at which point your tooth may be approaching an infection.

Question: Will brushing and flossing help?

Answer: Yes! If you brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning and at night for two minutes each session, you can help protect your smile. Even more important, you also need to floss every night before going to bed.

Question: Does what I eat and drink impact my risk?

Answer: Absolutely! Foods and drinks high in sugar and other starches can leave behind particles for bacteria to feed on. The process increases oral acidity and coats the teeth in plaque, a bacteria byproduct that can weaken tooth enamel and make cavities more likely to form. If you have any questions about identifying and preventing tooth decay, then contact our team today.

Do You Have a Cavity?

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