An Overview Of Cosmetic Dental Options

an overview of cosmetic dental optionsYou can count on a cosmetic treatment from your dentist to make dramatic, important changes to your smile. These procedures are not a matter of oral health. In fact, if you have existing problems with the condition of your teeth, returning them to health will be the first priority. What cosmetic dentistry can do is make you feel more confident, and more excited to show off your smile. What cosmetic treatment is right for you? That will depend on what kind of change you hope to make to your teeth.

Improving The Color Of Your Teeth

If your smile is not as white as you would like, a professional whitening treatment can make it significantly brighter. Your dentist can actually show you the different shades your teeth could be after treatment, so you can have a natural-looking improvement. A whitening procedure is not the only technique for improving the color of your teeth. In some cases, you will see better results with porcelain veneers, or through dental bonding.

Covering Up Flawed Teeth

Flaws with the shape of teeth, or other physical issues that hurt their appearance, can be expertly covered. You can have porcelain veneers crafted to your specifications, and permanently placed over your teeth. This will leave you with a flawless, high-quality smile. Dental bonding can also cover teeth, by applying a composite resin material in order to reshape a tooth, or cover chips and cracks. Both of these procedures are effective at making teeth appear whiter, which is especially useful for discoloration that traditional whitening is ineffective against.

Gum Contouring Can Leave You With A More Attractive Smile

Sometimes, your teeth will not be what holds back your smile. Gum contouring can remove excess tissue in order to improve your appearance.