Fully Responding To An Issue That Calls For Tooth Extraction

fully responding to an issue that calls for tooth extractionTooth extraction can be a necessary measure for the sake of your oral health, but not something that people look forward to. If a problem is caught in time, restorative work can take care of a tooth before it becomes unsalvageable. However, sometimes this is the only recourse left to your dentist. In the event that you have a tooth removed, you should seriously consider having a replacement put in as soon as possible. Without that tooth, you face an increased risk for tooth loss, and are more likely to develop TMJ problems because of the way that absence can disrupt your routine jaw function.

Why Tooth Extraction Can Be Necessary

There is a point where a cavity can be so severe that even a root canal will not be enough. Having a tooth at this stage extracted is important for protecting your overall oral health, as an infection can spread beyond that tooth and leave you with more issues. You may also need a tooth extraction for a seriously damaged tooth. Wisdom tooth removal is the most common extraction scenario.

Replacing A Lost Tooth

There is more than one option for your replacement tooth. Your dentist can insert a dental implant, a small post which will hold up your prosthetic. This post fills the space left behind by your tooth root, helps support your jaw function, and even helps keep your neighboring teeth in their proper position. You can also have a dental bridge placed. To do this, you will have to have dental crowns placed on your neighboring teeth.