3 Conditions That Can Hurt Your Overall Oral Health

conditions that can hurt your overall oral healthWhen it comes to your teeth, you have more to fear than just cavities. There are several conditions that can affect your oral health; preventive dentistry is intended to stop, or address, those problems in order to best protect your teeth. A problem like dry mouth will raise the chances that you will develop a cavity. Other issues, like bruxism, can potentially cause your teeth physical harm. Your dentist pays careful attention to your overall oral health at every routine dental checkup. This way, problems that can make it harder to keep up the quality of your teeth can be discovered and addressed before you find yourself with bigger issues.

1. Bruxism And TMJ Problems

Bruxism is the technical term for the recurring habit of clenching your jaw, or grinding your teeth. This tendency can wear your teeth down, and can cause the development of chips and cracks. It can also lead to problems with your temporomandibular joints (TMJs), which can leave you suffering regular aches in your face, head, and neck. Targeting bruxism can help prevent the onset of real physical dental damage, and eliminate a cause of discomfort.

2. Dry Mouth

If you are suffering from dry mouth, your teeth are not receiving the degree of protection they are accustomed to. Saliva benefits your oral health by functioning as a delivery service for minerals that help your enamel. It can also help to keep debris from staying on your teeth.

3. Gum Disease

Ignoring gum disease can leave you vulnerable to problems like tooth loss. An infection can damage the soft tissue and bone that surround your teeth, while also causing issues like bad breath.