3 Ways Your Dentist Can Improve Your Smile

3 ways your dentist can improve your smileIf you only think about dental work as a means of fixing problems like cavities, you could be losing out on other important services. Cosmetic dental work makes your appearance a priority. Your dentist can do work to help you enjoy your best-looking smile possible, and find solutions to a range of possible issues. Your oral health is of paramount importance, but it is not the only area of interest for your dentist. Whether your problem is about the color, shape, or even size of your teeth, cosmetic work can help make valuable changes to your appearance.

1. Taking Care Of Excess Gum Tissue

Your teeth may not be the issue that bothers you about your smile at all. If you have an excess of gum tissue that makes it seem like your teeth are stubby or too short, you could gain from undergoing a gum contouring procedure. This procedure has your dentist trim away gum tissue that overwhelm your teeth, so that they look longer and more natural.

2. Responding To A Problem Tooth

A tooth with a genetic quirk, or one that is visibly damaged, can be enough to sabotage your smile. Bonding and contouring are often employed when a patient has a problem tooth. These treatments can target whatever problem affects how a tooth looks, so that it no longer distracts from your smile.

3. Making Your Teeth Whiter

A professional whitening treatment can whiten teeth by many shades. The agents used to whiten teeth attack the stains that are present in your enamel. For discoloration that resists whitening, your dentist may recommend having porcelain veneers placed on your teeth. This can cover discoloration, as well as hide any other superficial dental problem.