Don’t Let Anxiety Keep You Away From The Dentist

don't let anxiety keep you away from the dentistFinding time for a trip to the dentist may not be easy, but it is important – especially if you have ongoing issues you need to treat. However, some people put off dental treatments for reasons that have less to do with scheduling, and more to do with their own fears about a visit. If you suffer from dental anxiety, it can make the idea of undergoing a procedure, or even a routine examination, daunting. While it is unfair to expect you to simply disregard your concerns, you should know that avoiding the dentist can leave existing problems with time to worsen, and cause problems for your overall oral health. Your dentist can help you address dental anxiety, so that you can receive the treatment you need.

What You Lose When You Miss Routine Checkups

If your anxiety limits you to only visiting the dentist for emergencies, you are losing important care for your teeth. The routine cleaning you are given can exceed any self-performed cleaning, no matter how diligent you are when you floss and brush your teeth. An examination can also lead to treating small problems before they become big problems. A routine visit is also a chance for your dentist to scan for problems like bruxism, which could cause considerable discomfort, and damage your teeth.

Sedation Dentistry Can Help Anxious Patients

For anxious patients, sedation dentistry can be key to making your visit possible. Oral sedation and sedation through nitrous oxide are both available. With nitrous oxide, your relaxation will have limited after effects, so you can take yourself home after your visit. Oral sedatives, or a combination of oral sedatives and nitrous oxide, can have a stronger effect, but you will need to secure a ride to and from your appointment.