Why You Should Start Dental Visits For Your Child Early

why you should start dental visits for your child earlyThe American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) advises that your child should have his or her first dental visit at the point where the first primary tooth has erupted. At the latest, they should have their first visit by their first birthday. These early visits are important for several reasons. For one, primary teeth, like your adult teeth, can be affected by decay. These visits also mean instilling a sense of the importance of good oral hygiene. As your child ages, your dentist can keep watch over their development, and identify concerns that may need orthodontic treatment.

Educational Advantage Of Dental Visits

In the course of a dental visit, your young child can receive hands-on guidance from your dentist regarding how to properly perform oral care maintenance. Teaching how to perform these tasks properly is important, as children who do not understand why it matters may not be attentive enough when they brush and floss.

Extra Cavity Defense

Two techniques are available to help stop your child’s teeth from sprouting cavities. Dental sealants are coated over teeth, and shield them from food particles and bacteria – this keeps their teeth free of the decay-causing reactions when bacteria on teeth feed on debris. Fluoride treatments help keep enamel strong, so that your child has more natural defense against cavities.

Watching Out For Problems With Dental Development

As your child grows, your dentist can observe signs that their teeth might need repositioning, or if they will need to correct bite problems. By spotting orthodontic concerns early, you and your dentist can develop a plan for when your child should begin treatment, and how long it can be expected to take.