When Does Your Smile Need TMJ Treatment?

Have you ever heard of TMJ disorder? Also known as TMD, this jaw joint disorder could lead to serious discomfort and even impact how your mouth opens and closes. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how we identify and treat the disorder, and what warning signs our Gary, IN, patients should watch for…. Read more »

Why Do We Grind Our Teeth?

Bruxism, in which a person routinely grinds or clenches his or her teeth, could lead to serious trouble for our smile’s health. Over time, the pressure has been known to wear down or damage teeth. Fortunately, we have treatment options designed to prevent damage and even stop the onset of teeth grinding. In today’s blog,… Read more »

Schedule A Back-To-School Checkup

In the next couple of weeks, kids from all over the area will begin returning to school. After that, your schedule is going to become much, much busier. Which is why we recommend families in Gary, IN, schedule a checkup and cleaning for themselves and their children before returning to school. Find out what happens… Read more »

How To Save Your Knocked-Out Tooth

What happens when you knock out a tooth? Well, unless you act quickly there’s the risk of losing the tooth completely. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how to respond to a knocked-out tooth, as well as how to address other common dental emergencies. We’re also going to talk about other emergency scenarios in which… Read more »

How Do You Create Complete Dentures?

If you lose all of your natural teeth, or at least a vast majority of them, then your smile’s health and appearance suffers tremendously. In order to return your smile to optimal health, and to also ensure a better quality of life, we may suggest tooth replacement from your Gary, IN, dentist. How do we… Read more »

Making A Smile Whole With Dental Bridges

Have you lost a tooth, or up to three in a row? If you suffer from tooth loss, then you need a replacement option to avoid misalignment and other complications. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how we address minor tooth loss with lifelike dental bridges. Find out how we restore the stability and beauty… Read more »

How Do We Correct Misalignment?

Did you know that misalignment, which includes crooked or crowded teeth, can have a negative impact on your overall oral health? In order to correct the smile’s alignment, and offer cosmetic benefits for our patients, we may prescribe orthodontics. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at two common options for improving smile alignment in… Read more »

When Should A Tooth Be Extracted?

If a tooth becomes damaged or develops decay or infection, we often repair it using lifelike restorations, such as fillings or crowns, or possibly a root canal procedure. But what if you have wisdom teeth soon to erupt, or gum disease makes one or more teeth loose? In these scenarios, the best solution for the… Read more »

When to Take Root Canal Treatment Seriously

Tooth decay can range from mild to severe, depending on several factors. For example, if it’s only just developed, then you might be able to fill the cavity that’s formed with a tooth-colored filling. If it’s been a while, then you might need more involved treatment, such as root canal treatment. At our Gary, IN,… Read more »