Saving Your Tooth From Infection

Elegant Gary INSometimes, bacterial infection can take hold within the internal structure of a tooth. When the enamel suffers damage from a physical trauma like a break or a chip, it can expose the soft vulnerable area within. Bacterial growth due to poor oral hygiene can also lead to decay that can allow for foreign organisms to begin to grow inside the tooth. Thirdly, periodontal disease causes the recession of the gum, where infection can begin to creep from the connection to the bone of the jaw.

When bacterial colonies start to form, it can be incredibly painful. These structures are not built to withstand immune battles as other areas of the mouth, and they are particularly susceptible to the development of this concern. One of the more common procedures we perform at our Gary, IN dental office is a root canal, which is a removal of the pulp and the seal of the connection to the jaw. While this process gets a certain reputation in movies and television, it serves as a helpful way to eliminate a throbbing toothache!

How Does Infection Happen?

Our enamel is the durable material that forms the exterior of the tooth. This tissue is the functional surface that we use to eat and chew. In addition, it is the area that we brush and maintain to keep our smiles looking beautiful.

Sometimes, this material can become damaged or worn. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including a crack or a break, which allows for direct bacterial access to the recesses within.

Tooth decay can also create an area of weakness that can lead to a pulp infection. Bacterial growth on the enamel can build up acidic waste that can develop into cavities. When these progress fully through the tissue, it provides an easy way for organisms to get in.

How Do Root Canals Help?

A root canal procedure is a vital piece of dental surgery to eliminate this pain and the underlying infection. The primary goal of this process is a pulpectomy, which is the removal of the fleshy interior within the tooth. Once this is complete, your oral surgeon seals the connections to the jaw with a plant-based putty known as gutta-percha. This effectively separates your tooth from the rest of your body, but keeps it in place, supported by the bone of your jaw.

It is possible that after the procedure, you will require a dental crown to ensure that the location stays stable and free from future bacterial harm. Our durable ceramic caps can help you to keep a beautiful smile while strengthening its ability.

Ease Your Toothache In Gary, IN

If a bacterial infection within the tooth has started to cause pain, a root canal surgery procedure can help to eliminate both the symptom and the cause.  Call Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637 for more information or to schedule an appointment to learn how you can start to feel better!