Dedicate Some Time To Your Gums

Stripes Gary INWhen most people think about their smile, they instinctively view the teeth and the lips. Gums tend to take a backseat in public perception, but this tissue is no secondary player in your dental health. Periodontal tissue serves as an invaluable barrier that protects the more vulnerable material underneath. Discuss the health of your gums when you visit the dentist every six months for a cleaning and examination, if not sooner. Every smile has its own particular set of needs, so follow the advice of your dental provider in order to keep a consistent eye on things.

For a dedicated cleaning of below the gumline, speak with Dr. Nicholas Cain, DDS at Healthy Smiles Northwest Indiana in Gary, IN. Food debris can find its way between the gums and your teeth in areas that you cannot safely remove yourself. Over time, bacteria feed upon leftover matter and create plaque and tartar. This process removes this accumulation in order to limit tooth decay and periodontal disease. Scaling and root planing allow you to feel better with a smile free of buildup!

Periodontal Disease Is A Leading Cause Of Tooth Loss

The infection and inflammation of your gum tissue can create serious risks for your smile. This condition affects nearly half of the adults in this country, but people may still experience hesitancy when seeking treatment. You cannot defeat periodontal disease on your own, so speak with a trained dental provider about your options.

If you currently have a healthy gumline, maintain it with quality preventive care. Sticking to your routine of regular chekups can give you the tools you need to keep your smile healthy as you age. Even with your rigorous brushing and flossing, you need the assistance of a professional from time to time. When plaque remains in your mouth for a period of time, it hardens into tartar. This material will not come off with a brushing; a professional has specific tools for your tartar removal needs.

A Deeper Clean With Scaling And Root Planing

The cleaning of your smile during your routine checkup is vital to your lasting dental success. Beyond that, you may require the removal of debris from below your gumline. Scaling and root planing helps you by clearing out the area between your gums and your teeth. Plaque and tartar can cause decay in this pocket, where you are unable to safely and fully clean with your home care. Spend some time with a dentist to remove bacterial buildup.

Improve Your Gum Health In Northwest Indiana

Your gums provide important protection for your mouth. Schedule a time with Dr. Nicholas Cain, DDS at Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637 to work on improving the health of your periodontal tissue through scaling and root planing.