How Crowns Restore Your Teeth

Plaid Guy Gary INThe damage of your natural enamel is a situation that you should address as soon as possible. This material serves as an invaluable barrier between your mouth and the internal structure of your teeth, so its loss is significant. When you have broken one or more of your existing teeth, reach out to a trusted dental provider in Dr. Nicholas Cain, DDS, at Healthy Smiles Northwest Indiana in Gary, IN.

A dental crown is one helpful method of tooth restoration that is available to you, so take some time to earn more about its function. This is a durable cap that serves to reinforce your existing natural material. Speak with a qualified dental care provider about the ways that this method can help you to keep a healthy smile. Protect the soft tissue within your tooth through the use of restorative dentistry, and take the steps toward a more beautiful smile.

What Are Your Steps After Breaking A Tooth?

Anyone can damage their enamel, at any time. It is important to learn some of the key aspects of emergency preparedness for your oral health; have you made the effort? When you need the information, it is vital that you learn about some simple rules. For instance, do not use tap (or even bottled) water in a cup to carry a broken or dislodged tooth. This can damage its ability for repair, so use a different liquid such as milk or saltwater. For pieces of a broken tooth, look for a clean piece of fabric. While gauze is ideal, a clean shirt may be more accessible.

Speak with a dentist soon after your damage, so that you can avoid an infection at the site. One of these methods of repair is known as a dental crown, which is a sturdy cap that rests atop your natural material. This is a trusted means of repair that you can rely upon!

The Amazing Benefits Of A Dental Crown In Your Restoration

As a method of tooth repair, a dental crown has strong capabilities in keeping you safe. Infection can develop in the soft tissue of your teeth, if your enamel has been damaged or weakened in some way. A broken tooth allows for the rapid infection of these areas, so do not wait to speak with a qualified provider about your repairs. These can result in a seriously painful toothache, or even worse!

Dedicated Restoration Of Your Teeth In Northwest Indiana

Speak with Dr. Nicholas Cain, DDS at Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637 for more information or to schedule an appointment. If you have broken your tooth, the repair of this location can help you to avoid further infection.