What Should I Expect During An Emergency Dental Visit?

No one wants to find themselves in need of emergency treatment because of a dental problem. While this kind of care is something you will hopefully never need, it can be helpful to know what you should do in the case something goes wrong. If you can, you should try to keep the tooth in the socket. If you need to pick up a tooth that has been knocked out, take care to only touch the enamel. Your dentist will make sure you have prompt attention for your problem. They can provide the appropriate treatment for trauma, and – if possible – help you save your tooth. They can also help deal with potential issues with infections. Fortunately, restorative dental treatment can ensure that your tooth looks healthy and natural after treatment.

Making Sure You Enjoy Expert Care During Your Emergency Dental Visit

Prompt care is important when you suffer a dental emergency, especially in cases when you are in danger of losing a tooth. Your dentist understands that life can be unpredictable, and our office will work with you to make sure you can undergo care as soon as possible. If it is possible to do so, your dentist will make sure your tooth is safe and secure. If it cannot be saved, you can enjoy advanced prosthetic support.

How Will I Look After I Undergo Emergency Treatment?

With proper care, your dentist can ensure that your smile still looks good after you have suffered an injury. Modern dental crowns can be made with advanced, natural-looking materials, so they fit in with your smile. A life-like prosthetic can give you your smile back after you have suffered tooth loss.

Dr. Cain Can Provide Expert Emergency Dental Care

If you find yourself in need of urgent care, you should know that Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN offers patients expert emergency treatment. In addition to helping you deal with the immediate problem, Dr. Cain can offer a range of services that can give you back your attractive, healthy smile. To schedule your appointment, call Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637. You can also email our office at info@healthysmilesnwi.com.