Enjoy Your Restoration Sooner With A CEREC Crown

enjoy-your-restoration-sooner-with-a-cerec-crownWith CEREC technology, you can avoid the wait and have your dental crown constructed and placed in just one visit with your dentist. This means no depending on a temporary crown, and no waiting to have a vulnerable tooth completely taken care of. Crowns are often used to take care of teeth that need superior protection. You can have one placed over your tooth after it has been through a root canal treatment, or after it has taken considerable damage. You can avoid needing a dental crown for tooth decay by seeking help for the problem before the cavity has spread too far. Smaller cavities can typically be fixed with a dental filling.

Other Material Types For Dental Crowns

CEREC produces ceramic crowns. The material is great for producing lifelike crowns, but in some cases, a more hardy material might be preferred. Your molars and premolars are harder for people to see, and the demands of chewing can be more rigorous. A metal crown can offer more strength, and be more suitable for those teeth. Zirconia offers an impressive durability, while still looking realistic.

Take Care Of A Cavity Quickly If You Want To Avoid A Crown

Good dental care may not save you from physical trauma, but it can help you avoid the sort of issue with tooth decay that can lead to your needing a crown. Because a smaller cavity can be harder to catch, you can benefit from a semiannual dental checkup, as your dentist may catch tooth decay before you know about. That smaller cavity can only call for a dental filling.