What You Should Know About Dental Checkups

what-you-should-know-about-dental-checkupsYour regular dental checkups should take place twice a year. Each semiannual visit will allow your dentist the opportunity to survey your oral health. Hopefully, nothing eventful will turn up during your evaluation. If a problem is found, your dentist can inform you of it, and arrange to treat you. In addition to a comprehensive review, you will also receive a cleaning from your hygienist. Each of these actions can make it easier for you to prevent dental problems in the long term. Without these appointments, small problems can escape your notice, and eventually become bigger oral health troubles.

The Relationship Between Dental Checkups And Dental Prevention

Your routine cleaning during your checkup is important. The buildup of bacteria on your teeth, plaque, will eventually harden. The hardened plaque, tartar, can stay stuck on teeth even when you brush and floss over the area or areas where tartar can be found. Your hygienist’s tools can remove tartar. Removing this substance helps you stay free of cavities.

The Relationship Between Dental Checkups And Restorative Dentistry

A cavity’s steady growth will continue to consume your tooth until you put a stop to it. If you go in for treatment, your dentist can find a small cavity, one that has only just formed. They can also find damage to your enamel that could become a cavity if you are not careful. For small cavities, your dentist can excise the infected area, and use a composite resin filling to replace what had to be removed. Missing appointments can leave cavities with time to grow until they become painful.