What You Can Expect From Your Dental Filling

what-you-can-expect-from-your-dental-fillingThe first step in any cavity treatment, no matter how large or small the cavity is, will be to remove the tooth’s infected tissue. Completely eradicating decay is important, but your dentist will also need to ensure that your tooth is supported after this occurs. If your cavity is removed before it grows too large, you can enjoy support from a dental filling. Made with composite resin, your filling is discreet, but it is also durable, and will enjoy a strong hold. The restorative dental work your dentist performs is meant to protect your teeth, but your dentist can also work to ensure that your appearance undergoes as little change as possible.

Why Your Filling Is Made With Composite Resin

Why does your dentist prefer composite resin for a dental filling? There is an esthetic advantage – the material looks so much like your natural tooth that it can be used in cosmetic dental work. Composite resin is also able to bond directly to your tooth, which means you can enjoy a terrific degree of support. Metal fillings can be conspicuous, and they can also leave a small degree of space between your tooth and the filling.

The Link Between Early Intervention And Dental Fillings

Not every tooth will be restored with a filling after a cavity. If the cavity grows too large, a filling will not be an adequate support system. In these circumstances, you would need a dental crown. However, if you see your dentist regularly, there is a better chance that your cavity will be caught – and addressed – sooner.