How An Appliance Eases TMJ Pain

People who have difficulties in their daily life from jaw pain and stiffness, headaches, and teeth grinding can require help with TMJ disorder. This problem occurs when your joints are no longer in their appropriate alignment, putting stress on them and the muscles that operate your jaw. With a custom oral appliance, our Northwest IN dentist’s office can take on these problems you have so that stress and poor alignment no longer cause you active discomfort. We can meet with you to discuss this problem when you have growing concerns about pain and limited movement. We can also bring up our concerns about your jaw movement when you come in for a routine dental visit.

Is TMJ Pain Something That Affects Your Daily Life?

There are several signs that you can look out for if you think TMJ problems are starting to affect your daily life. More frequent headaches can be linked to jaw troubles. You can also find yourself struggling with pain and sensitivity whenever you try to bite and chew, yawn, laugh, or even when you speak. These and other daily issues can make trouble for you and lower your quality of life. Without the right support, this can continue to affect you and cause you discomfort.

Discussing Treatment For Poor Jaw Alignment And Movement

After we evaluate you to confirm that TMJ disorder is the source of your discomfort, we can discuss what we can do to improve your jaw alignment and movement. A custom oral appliance can help you change the resting position of your lower jaw. This adjustment can ease the tension on your joints and muscles, and it can help you return to a more natural and comfortable bite movement. In some cases, we may discuss restorative dental work to take care of teeth that are in poor shape and not providing the right bite support.

Regular Appointments Help You Stay Current With Smile Care

Through your regular dental appointments, we can help you stay current with smile care and receive early warnings about problems with your teeth or jaw. TMJ issues can be identified at a routine visit, just as your appointment can lead to timely care for a cavity or issue with gingivitis.

Talk To Your Northwest IN Dentist About Easing TMJ Pain

Until you do something about TMJ pain and joint stiffness, you can experience worsening discomfort that lowers your quality of life. With the help of your Northwest IN dentist, you can put a stop to these and other issues. Our practice provides a variety of important services that help our patients feel great about their smiles and their oral health. If you would like to learn how we can take care of you, please contact Healthy Smiles in Northwest IN by calling 219-938-2637!