Using TMJ Treatment To Address Bite Problems

While you may try to ignore it at first, persistent pain and sensitivity when you bite and chew is a cause for concern. If you have frequent issues with limited jaw movement, pain and stiffness, or more general concerns about discomfort in and around your joints, it can point to issues with TMJ disorder. Your Northwest IN dentist is prepared to help you resolve these kinds of issues. Through the appropriate corrective work, we can help you take on your issues so that you can bite and chew without pain and sensitivity. We can meet with you if this discomfort is a growing concern, but we should note that we can also identify signs of poor bite health and alignment during a routine checkup.

How Jaw Problems Impact Your Bite Function

If your jaw is no longer in alignment, the stress on your joints and muscles can create lasting difficulties. These problems can arise for different reasons. When they do, they create concerns known as TMJ disorder, which refers to the poor alignment and movement issues that are affecting you. Once the problem is identified, we can work to correct an imbalance and lower the stress that is affecting you. This can be accomplished with a custom oral appliance, though in some cases we may discuss restorative dental work to protect teeth that are not providing adequate support when you bite and chew.

Beginning TMJ Therapy

After confirming that TMJ problems are the source of your chronic aches and pains, we can proceed with treatment to resolve your issues. A custom oral appliance can change the position of your jaw so that you can reduce stress on the joints and muscles and regain a more comfortable movement. We can also look out for problems with unhealthy, undersized, or damaged teeth that negatively affect your bite. By treating these issues with dental crowns, we can make it easier for you to bite and chew without awkward movements.

Are You Staying Informed About Your Oral Health With Regular Checkups?

Is something currently wrong with your oral health? While some issues, like TMJ disorder, can create noticeable problems, early issues with gum disease and dental decay can go undetected until they worsen. Through your regular dental exams and cleanings, we can look out for any signs of trouble and address them before they create unwelcome complications!

Talk To Your Northwest IN Dentist About TMJ Treatment And Your Jaw Health

Through the right approach to treating your uneven or painful bite, we can put TMJ problems behind you and improve your quality of life! If you are interested in discussing this or any other issues with your well-being, please contact Healthy Smiles in Northwest IN by calling 219-938-2637!