Looking at Apples in a New Dental Light

Kids are back to school, and cooler weather is just around the corner. Apple picking and then biting into a crisp, fall apple is one of those quintessential seasonal activities. Most of us feel great about choosing an apple as a snack for ourselves or our children. After all, apples are known for keeping the doctor away, aren’t they? Unfortunately, while the nutrients in apples are certainly good for our bodies, modern apples have some qualities which are not ideal in terms of dental health: Namely sugar and acid.

Too Sweet to be Healthy?

Technology has an important place in our lives, but unfortunately, we sometimes use our knowledge in odd ways. Take produce, for example, or more specifically, apples. Through cross-breeding, we have managed to raise the sugar content of apples by 50% over recent years. This means you, as the consumer, has access to a sweeter, larger, more attractive apple. This is all at a cost, however. Research by the U.S. Department of Agriculture uncovered the fact that modern apples now have the equivalent of four teaspoons of sugar. Sugar is a well-known contributor to cavities, but the effects of acid on teeth can be just as damaging.

Acid in Apples

If you were in the middle of enjoying an apple while reading this blog, would you feel shocked to hear that the fruit is just as bad for your teeth as soda? Unfortunately for your teeth, apples have an alarmingly high amount of acidity. Acid erodes the protective layer of dental enamel that covers your teeth. Without tooth enamel, bacteria work their way into the dentin of your teeth, starting the process of tooth decay. For this reason, many dentists are recommending that you consider an apple more of a dessert as opposed to an “any time” staple. Make sure to rinse your mouth with water after consuming an apple.


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