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Alkaline Diet Can Reduce Gum Disease Symptoms

PH levels in the body are connected to overall health. When there is too much acid in your system, inflammation occurs, and can cause a host of health issues, including problems like gingivitis (early gum disease) periodontitis (advanced gum disease) and tooth decay. Many people find that achieving an acidic-alkaline balance (balanced PH level) through… Read more »

Hormones and Dental Health

Women experience many changes throughout their lives from puberty to menopause, and you may be surprised to hear that these changes affect their dental health. Hormonal fluctuations affect blood flow to the gums as well as the body’s response to plaque buildup. These changes put women at risk for oral health problems such as periodontal… Read more »

Father’s Day And Dental Health

You want the men in your life to be healthy, and with the strong link between dental health and systemic health, their tooth health is a good place to start. New research indicates that men develop periodontal disease more often than women, so it’s time to encourage the men in your life to visit the… Read more »

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing are often one of the reasons you may try to avoid the dentist, especially if you haven’t been caring for your teeth properly. You can feel the buildup of plaque on them, but they still look okay. You stopped flossing because it’s such a pain, and your gums bleed too much…and… Read more »

Gum Disease Doesn’t Just Go Away

The lasting effects of gum disease can be disastrous, yet many people don’t consider the dental ailment a serious condition. At least, they may not take it as seriously as they should. Unfortunately, this laissez-faire attitude may contribute greatly to gum disease’s statistics. For instance, the fact that over 80% of America’s adult population has… Read more »