Alkaline Diet Can Reduce Gum Disease Symptoms

Whole FoodsPH levels in the body are connected to overall health. When there is too much acid in your system, inflammation occurs, and can cause a host of health issues, including problems like gingivitis (early gum disease) periodontitis (advanced gum disease) and tooth decay. Many people find that achieving an acidic-alkaline balance (balanced PH level) through diet can reduce, and even erase, the symptoms of medical conditions. While diet changes should be discussed with your general physician, here are some tips for nutrition changes which might decrease inflammation in your mouth as well as your body.

Stick to the Perimeters of the Store for Tooth-Friendly Options

Whole foods in their natural state are healthy for our bodies. Fun packages with easy-to-prepare foods are tempting, to even the most strong-willed. Since most whole foods can be found on the outer aisles of your grocery store, you can avoid temptation by only pushing your cart around the perimeters. Especially focus on the produce section, and shop organic when you can. The inner aisles shelve the most processed foods which are likely to make you feel unhealthy and guilty.

Green Smoothies for Gum Disease

Now that you have filled your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables, start your day with a green smoothie. Spinach, kale, zucchini, and cucumbers are just a few nutritious vegetables which can be blended with fruit for a low-calorie drink full of nutrients to keep gums, teeth, and bones strong and healthy. Ignore the green color, and you’ll be surprised by how sweet and refreshing a green smoothie tastes.

Eliminate the Acid

Avoiding highly acidic foods like artificial sweeteners, sugar, and alcohol is a good way to attain healthy pH balance. As a happy side effect, you’ll also be saving your teeth from substances which lead to decay. Sugar is the favorite food of Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria that lead to cavities. Acid erosion weakens tooth enamel, so that our teeth are more vulnerable decay. A more neutral menu is ideal for your body and your teeth.


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