Starting Good Dental Habits Early In Life

Good oral health habits can begin at any age. However, the earlier one starts caring for their teeth, the better. That is one reason why your Gary, IN, dentist offers preventive treatment options for children. Our office’s first priority is to ensure our youngest patients are relaxed so that they will have a positive experience. This helps them be more open to future appointments and be more consistent with brushing and flossing. With our warm and inviting children’s dentistry practice, parents can rest assured knowing their kids’ teeth are in good hands. 

Children Dental Checkup Expectations

A routine checkup for children is similar to those for adults. We will inspect the child’s teeth and gums with a mirror and tool, looking for signs of decay, weakness, and inflammation. X-rays may be taken, too. For any teeth- or gum-related issues that are found, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled. If no issues are found, then we will advise you to bring your child back for a checkup in six months. One of our dental hygienists will then clean the patient’s teeth. We use a fluoride treatment, either a paste or a rinse, during the cleaning. We also recommend dental sealants for children. They are painted onto surfaces of the back teeth. This barrier protects the enamel from food and drinks that may cause cavities. We offer orthodontic treatments for older children, as well. Finally, kids are rewarded for their patience with a visit to the treasure box. 

Preparing Your Child For The Dentist

Children are often nervous about going to the dentist. This is because it is something unknown. Everything from the machinery to the tools can cause a child anxiety because they have never seen them. You can help by preparing them before the appointment by telling them what to expect. We suggest checking out an age-appropriate book from the library that explains or shows what it is like to have a dental checkup. Read the book together before your visit and answer any questions they have to the best of your knowledge. Knowing what to expect in advance may help them feel less nervous.

Caring For Teeth At Home

Visiting us is just one part of caring for your child’s teeth. There are things they can do at home that will help them keep a healthy smile. First, they should brush their teeth at least twice a day. If your child is three years old or older, ensure that toothpaste with fluoride is used. Flossing should happen before they go to bed. When it comes to food and drink, we recommend choosing healthier options that have lower sugar content. 

Schedule An Appointment Today

At Healthy Smiles of Northwest Indiana, we would love to help care for your child’s teeth. To find out more about our host of children’s dentistry options, or to schedule your appointment, call Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637.