How To Save Your Knocked-Out Tooth

What happens when you knock out a tooth? Well, unless you act quickly there’s the risk of losing the tooth completely. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how to respond to a knocked-out tooth, as well as how to address other common dental emergencies. We’re also going to talk about other emergency scenarios in which residents of Gary, IN, should see us for treatment.

Responding Quickly

Don’t panic! First, recover the tooth quickly. Take care not to touch the root, but the crown (visible portion) only. Don’t worry about cleaning the tooth, as this could inadvertently remove crucial tissues adhering to the tooth. You can place the tooth back into the socket and gently bite down in route to the office. Placing a piece of cotton or gauze over the tooth prior to biting down could help hold it in place. Or, as most people prefer, you could place it in a glass of milk or salt water and bring it with you to the office. You my want to use a cold compress against the side of the face to reduce welling, and an over-the-counter pain reliever can ease discomfort. A piece of cloth or gauze could stem bleeding as well. When you get to the office, we will begin work right away to treat your damaged smile.

Other Emergency Issues

If you chip a tooth, try to pick up any pieces and bring them with you. With dental bonding, we can often repair the damage in one visit.  Cold compresses can reduce swelling, while a bit of cloth or gauze can control bleeding. Other common emergency issues include sudden unexplained aches in the teeth, objects lodged between the teeth that cannot be removed with floss, or dental fractures. Don’t ignore minor damage, as this could still be enough to expose inner tooth structure and lead to the onset of tooth decay.

Safeguarding Your Smile

To help prevent your teeth from becoming knocked-out or damaged, always wear a mouthguard when playing sports. We can help by creating a custom version that fits better than most boil-and-bite store bought options. If you damage a tooth, see us quickly to address the issue before other complications can arise. Remember, if you sustain an injury and no damage is visible, that doesn’t mean a fracture hasn’t occurred, so consider scheduling a checkup. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team today!

Do You Need Emergency Care?

Whether you have pain in your smile or a damaged tooth, we can help. To schedule an appointment with your dentist, contact Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, by calling 219-938-2637, or by emailing our office at We also proudly serve the residents of Gary, Miller, Miller Beach, and all surrounding communities.