Directly Addressing Dental Flaws With Bonding And Contouring

Taking direct action against dental flaws can lead to big positive changes to your smile. You might be surprised at how your dentist can pinpoint problems, and how soon you can have your desired improvements. In a bonding and contouring treatment, your dentist can make corrections to certain teeth that stand out because of flaws. Contouring can help bring down the size of a tooth that is simply too large, or correct for jaggedness, or minor chipping. Dental bonding involves the use of natural-looking composite resin, which can act as a cover for chips and cracks. It can also help for discoloration, or for teeth that are too small.

How Long Will A Bonding And Contouring Treatment Take?

Many patients can have their bonding and contouring treatment done in a single visit. Having porcelain veneers crafted and placed can require two appointments, as your dentist has to take measurements for the veneers before they can be made. While the number of teeth you need corrected with a bonding treatment can bump you up to needing a second visit, you may be able to have your improved smile after just one session.

Enjoying Lasting Improvements To Your Smile

People who want to see cosmetic improvement to their smile typically want to see those improvements last. Cosmetic dental work is meant to provide changes that you can enjoy for an extended period, but your oral care habits can affect how long those changes last. Make sure you keep up with good dental cleaning habits after undergo any type of cosmetic work, and keep up with regular checkups with your dentist. This can help make sure you do not affect the quality of the work you have undergone.

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