Relying On Professional Care When You Need A Tooth Extracted

A tooth extraction is certainly not something to look forward to. A typical patient would obviously prefer to keep all of their teeth. Your dentist is also keen to provide care that eliminates the need to perform an extraction. However, in some cases, this is still the necessary treatment for a dental problem. A serious injury, a cavity too severe for restorative dental work, and developmental problems may make this procedure necessary. If your dentist needs to remove a tooth, they can provide expert care, so that you feel at ease while this work is performed. Your dentist can also help if you experience any problems after the extraction.

Helping Address The Discomfort A Tooth Extraction Can Cause

Dental sedation is available during your extraction. This allows you to feel comfortable during a procedure that can make people nervous. An anesthetic can offer localized numbness around the area of the extraction. When this effect wears off, you can use over the counter medications to address whatever discomfort you are feeling. Your dentist can walk you through precautionary measures after the extraction, to help you avoid problems. Be sure to avoid drinking through a straw afterward – the suction this action creates is capable of removing the clot that forms on the socket, leading to a problem known as dry socket.

Avoiding Serious Dental Troubles

You can lower your risk for an extraction by staying on top of your restorative dental care needs. When a cavity is not treated in time, its condition can deteriorate to the point that your tooth cannot be saved. Regular dental visits afford your dentist the chance to recommend treatment for an identified problem before it reaches this stage.

Dr. Cain Can Take Care Of Your Needs When You Need A Tooth Extraction

You may not look forward to a tooth extraction, but you can look forward to expert care from Dr. Cain if you need to have a tooth removed. The Team at Healthy Smiles are trained to help you with your restorative needs, but we can also provide cosmetic and general dental services. To schedule your appointment, call Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637. You can also email our office at