Taking Care Of A Dental Emergency

taking care of a dental emergencyNo matter how effectively you care for your teeth, no matter how consistent you are with your regular dental checkups, dental troubles are still only an accident away. Emergency dental services are services no one plans to undergo. That being said, if you find yourself dealing with a tooth that has been knocked loose, or dislodged, or a tooth that is otherwise damaged, your dentist is available for assistance on short notice. They can also help if some harm comes to a dental restoration – for instance, a broken or dislodged dental crown can require prompt treatment.

Arranging A Dental Visit On Short Notice

Because a quick response matters when your tooth is damaged in an injury, your dentist will attempt to see you as soon as possible when a dental emergency comes up. While scheduling the appointment, your dentist can recommend certain actions you should take, and actions you should avoid, to protect your tooth. This includes information like only touching the enamel of the tooth when handling it, and safely attempting to reinsert it (if it has been knocked out).

Fully Restoring Your Oral Health After An Injury

Putting a stop to the pain you experience in a dental emergency is only part of what your dentist can do for you. Restorative dental efforts can focus on the health of your tooth, and also take care to leave your smile’s appearance unharmed. If the tooth needs a crown, a porcelain crown can look so much like a natural tooth that it will be hard for people to spot any difference. If your tooth needs to be replaced, a dental bridge can be functionally and cosmetically beneficial.