Quiz: Putting A Stop To Tooth Pain

quiz putting a stop to tooth painFew situations can motivate a person to seek out their dentist like tooth pain. Discomfort can come from many different situations. If your discomfort is rooted in advanced tooth decay, you could be overdue for restorative work on a cavity. That pain indicates a threat to the tooth’s living tissue, which could eventually make extracting the tooth necessary. If your pain stems from some sort of trauma, different approaches could be called for. An injury could put you in sudden need of treatment, and you may need help in saving part – or all – of the tooth. You could also be dealing with the prolonged damage caused by bruxism, a condition where a person regularly grinds their teeth.

True Or False: You Can Reach Out To Your Dentist For Same-Day Treatment In An Emergency Situation

True! Emergency dental services are available if you are in need of help after an accident. This could be damage to the tooth, or to an existing filling or dental crown.

True Or False: People With Bruxism Typically Grind Their Teeth After Meals

False! Bruxism causes a person to grind their teeth unconsciously, and it often happens while they sleep. This is why a mouth guard provided by your dentist, to be worn at night, can effectively protect your teeth.

True Or False: A Painful Tooth Could Have A Problem Within Its Pulp, And Require A Root Canal Treatment

True! A root canal treatment is called for when a problem has affected the nerves in your tooth. You should note that if you wait too long to treat a tooth in this situation, you could lose it.