Are Bad Habits Hurting Your Teeth?

are bad habits hurting your teethWhile people (hopefully) are not setting out to try and hurt their teeth, there are many habits that can do just that. Some of these actions are unconscious – people who suffer from bruxism may not even realize that they grind their teeth during the night. Unfortunately, that lack of awareness is not protecting their teeth from harm. You can also hurt your teeth by making poor diet choices, smoking, or avoiding your dentist’s office. Being smart about your daily habits can help you prevent dental troubles, and avoid oral discomfort.

The Damage That Teeth Grinding Can Do

Grinding your teeth can damage them, and also cause you to experience chronic pain from headaches and other aches. If you experience routine pain in your jaw or mouth, or awaken to sore teeth, seek help from your dentist. The chronic pain could be from TMJ problems, which can occur when you grind your teeth. A special mouth guard can stop you from hurting your teeth during sleep, before you incur damage that requires restorative work.

Your Diet Could Be Making It Harder To Avoid Cavities

Sugar is good for the bacteria in your mouth, and bad for your teeth. Consuming sugar in moderation, and taking care to clean your teeth, can control your cavity risk. However, when you give oral bacteria more chances to consume sugar, those bacteria can seriously harm your enamel.

Putting Off Dental Treatments Can Be Bad News For Your Oral Health

Regular dental checkups are how you keep your teeth healthy – if you only see your dentist when there is a problem, you are not taking full advantage of your dentist’s services. Small problems can be found and fixed in a routine checkup, and the regular cleanings can help you avoid cavities.