Children’s Dentistry

Healthy Smiles enthusiastically welcomes patients of all ages, but we always try to give our youngest patients a particularly warm welcome. Many children are nervous about visiting the dentist — especially if they will be visiting for the first time. Our number one priority for our youngest patients is to put their minds at ease. Ensuring that they have a positive, upbeat experience will go a long way toward ensuring that they will be diligent about brushing and flossing at home, and will feel comfortable with future dental checkups and cleanings.

What to Expect at Your Child’s Dental Checkup

Your child’s routine dental visit progresses in the same way that an adult’s does. First Dr. Cain inspects your child’s teeth and gums visually, using a small mirror and explorer tool to look for signs of decay or weakness. If he or she has had x-rays taken, Dr. Cain also will review those. If cavities or other problems are detected, he will consult with you about scheduling a follow-up visit for treatment.

After the exam, one of our friendly dental hygienists will clean your child’s teeth. We usually also follow up with a fluoride treatment, either a paste applied to the teeth or a special fluoride rinse. Dental sealants also are recommended for children who do not have them. These sealants are painted onto the biting surfaces of the back teeth and provide a protective barrier between the enamel and decay-causing foods and beverages that can lead to cavities and the need for dental fillings and other restorative procedures.

For older children, Healthy Smiles offers comprehensive orthodontic treatments to straighten teeth, close up gaps, and relieve overcrowding.

Last but not least, as a reward for their patience and cooperation, kids are treated to what always seems to be the highlight of their dental visit — a trip to the treasure box!

Helpful Tips for Parents

If you are scheduling a visit for a very young child, especially a youngster who will be visiting the dentist for the first time, a bit of preparation can go a long way. One of the main reasons why kids fear the dentist is because they fear the unknown. Stepping into a room filled with unfamiliar machinery and tools can be unnerving.

We strongly suggest preparing your children in advance for what to expect. Check your local library or bookstore for age-appropriate books that explain and illustrate what it’s like to visit the dentist. Read these books with your child in advance of the appointment, and encourage him or her to ask questions. By the time they arrive for their appointment, they will know what to expect and feel less anxious.

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