When the thing that stands between you and a beautiful, healthy smile is teeth that are out of alignment (crooked), orthodontics can make all of the difference. When most people think of orthodontics, they immediately think of braces. While braces are a common tool used in orthodontics, they are not always necessary to realign teeth. In addition to braces, spacers, clear aligners, and dental retainers are all tools Dr. Cain may use to straighten your teeth and improve their appearance and your oral function.

Not a Quick Fix

If you find that you are a candidate for orthodontic intervention, you should understand that this type of treatment takes time, and requires dedication and a commitment to follow the dentist’s instructions and to keep up with follow-up appointments. Unlike teeth whitening, having a cavity filled, or even having a tooth extracted, the key to orthodontics is time. Whatever dental appliance Dr. Cain deems most effective for your individual case, it will work very gradually. Over time, and usually after a series of minor adjustments, orthodontics gently shift your teeth into alignment. Often, patients do not even notice how much their smile has changed until they see side-by-side before and after photos of their teeth.

A Rewarding Result

While the results of orthodontics do not come immediately, they are some of the most transformative.  Over bites, under bites, gaps, or teeth that stick out noticeably from the rest of your smile can be tamed and brought into alignment to give you a picture-perfect straight smile that you can be proud of.

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