What Unchecked Bruxism Does to Your Teeth

You use your teeth and jaws more often every day than you do any other part of your body, and the action of biting and chewing involves immense pressure from your bite. If you suffer from bruxism, or subconscious teeth-grinding, then you can be exposing your healthy tooth structure to that same level of pressure, but without any food between to buffer it. Bruxism can develop a variety of different potential factors, which means you may be at risk for it without even knowing. Today, we examine what can happen when bruxism is left unchecked, including the damage that your teeth will do to themselves over time.

Wearing down their chewing surfaces

One of the first signs that you’re grinding your teeth way too often is the gradual wearing down of your teeth their chewing surfaces. This is where your teeth grind against each other most often and most forcefully. You may notice this wear when you look in the mirror to brush and floss your teeth, or your dentist might take note of it during your routine dental examination. It’s important to address your teeth-grinding condition and any excessive wear on your teeth as soon as possible, before the damage to your teeth becomes more significant and a greater threat to your oral health.

Making teeth crack or break

If you notice your teeth are worn but don’t seek treatment for bruxism soon, or if it’s left untreated because you didn’t notice the excessive wear on your teeth, then one or more of your teeth could suffer more serious damage by the time you address it. For example, a worn-down tooth is weaker and more susceptible to damage. As you grind your teeth together, you may begin to notice cracks and fractures on one or more of your teeth, and the damage will grow worse unless you treat your bruxism promptly.

Forcing teeth out of their proper alignment

The amount of pressure that your bite is capable of generating is immense, and one of the common concerns with teeth-grinding is the exposure of your teeth to this pressure. It’s the leading cause behind the damage that your teeth can experience when you grind them together often. This constant pressure can also lead to several additional concerns, such as several of your teeth being forced out of their proper alignment.

Stop bruxism from compromising your teeth

If you ignore it long enough, bruxism can lead to several different types of damage to your natural tooth structure, and in many cases, heightened risks of developing more severe concerns. To learn more, schedule your appointment by calling Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637.