Beauty And Strength With Veneers

Smile Gary INPorcelain veneers have become a very common procedure in the United States over the past few decades. This method utilizes a form of ceramic as a cap over your natural teeth. By cementing this onto your biological material, it forms a sturdy and reliable new cover. This technology can be used on damaged individual teeth, and can even repair situations where most of the structure is missing.

For patients looking for cosmetic improvements, porcelain veneers can bring huge change, as well. Many different issues are simply erased through the process. This can include concerns such as crowding and misalignment, as the customization of the ceramic fits your mouth specifically. Today, your Gary, IN dentist explains how this technology came to be. Also, how it may be a great way for you to take the next step forward in your oral health growth!

Interesting Beginnings

This technique got its start a little under a hundred years ago, in Los Angeles. A Hollywood dentist by the name of Dr. Charles Pincus developed a set of false fronts for an actor. This situation worked amazingly well as a special effect! But as an everyday dental solution, it didn’t quite catch on.

Then, in 1959, dentists started to understand the importance of a process known as etching, which uses acids to make a rough and porous surface of the tooth. Now, the surface has many different little spots for cement to hold on to! While it sounds like a great way to ruin a smile, it has created many a dental improvement!

Even then, the popularity of porcelain veneers for cosmetic purposes wasn’t rolling ahead full-steam. This came in the early 1980s, and since then, we have been off to the races! Today, both this material and process are used extensively in repairing damage and neatening smiles.

Can They Help Me?

If you have a concern with your smile, always bring this up with a trained oral health care professional. Each situation is a unique challenge. With that said, porcelain veneers are incredibly versatile!

The material is translucent and acts very similarly to our own natural enamel. Because of this, you are able to maintain them in much the same way that you care for your natural smile. And they maintain functionality for decades with proper maintenance!

This technology can address concerns such as misalignment and crowding, but also larger chips and breaks. The versatility can also lead to handling multiple situations at the same time. If surgery can be avoided, it is ideal, and the same concept works for multiple surgeries. Combining procedures can limit the amount of trauma to the mouth, rather than multiple occasions. If you are wondering if a porcelain veneer can help your smile, don’t wait!


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