Can I Count On A Crown To Restore My Smile?

In some circumstances, restorative dental work will call for the placement of something other than a dental filling. A crown is used to take care of a tooth when a filling is not able to provide adequate support. At our Northwest IN dentist’s office, we can make sure that patients receive crowns that are ready to provide lasting value. In situations where treatment will potentially affect a person’s appearance, we can provide cosmetic as well as functional support by using a material that closely imitates your healthy enamel. Remember that you can lower your risk for problems that are serious enough to require crowns when you regularly schedule your routine dental checkups.

Why Dental Crowns Are (Sometimes) Used In Restorative Treatments

Restorative dental work takes care of problems that permanently affect your teeth. Even when they are caught in the early stages of their development, cavities will do irreversible harm to your enamel. To respond to this kind of harm, or to address damage from physical trauma, it can be necessary to both remove unhealthy tissues and provide long-term protection with a restoration. In a circumstance where a dental filling is not able to provide enough support, we can use a crown to provide protection, as this kind of restoration is able to completely cover a tooth and keep it secure and safe.

Planning Treatment To Restore Your Tooth And Preserve Its Appearance

A dental crown is placed through a process that calls for two appointments. During your fist visit, we will carefully measure your tooth to determine the shape and size of your restoration, and we will provide preparatory work to make sure that it fits and remains comfortable when it is placed. After yours is prepared, you can return to have it put in position.

We Can Make Sure You Receive The Right Kind Of Restorative Treatment Experience

Because we provide different types of dental crowns made from different materials, we can help you enjoy long-term benefits from care! For a tooth that is visible when you smile and speak, we can recommend that you have a restoration that is made with porcelain or zirconia put in place. To ensure that you have lasting protection for one of your back teeth, we can use a metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown.

Talk To Your Northwest IN Dentist About Receiving A Dependable, Lifelike Dental Crown!

By providing the right kind of restoration for your tooth, we can ensure that you have lasting support for your smile and oral health after a problem with your oral health is addressed. Of course, we are also here to provide important preventive services, and we can discuss treatments that are specifically focused on cosmetic improvements. If you would like to learn more, please contact Healthy Smiles in Northwest IN by calling 219-938-2637!