Protecting Your Tooth With The Right Dental Crown

While good oral hygiene and regular dental exams help many people remain safe from problems, oral health issues do affect many individuals. Even those who feel good about the efforts they put into protecting themselves can experience at least one problem over time. At our Northwest IN dentist’s office, we are ready to take care of you in the event that you need restorative dental work. If the problem is serious enough to warrant it, we can provide a custom dental crown to keep your tooth safe and secure.

Do I Really Need A Dental Crown Placed Over My Tooth?

It is not always necessary to protect a tooth with a crown. When a cavity is caught in time, it can actually be restored through the placement of a conservative dental filling. While this can be an appealing option, we should note that it is important that you have enough protection for your tooth to ensure that it will remain in good condition through the years. A crown can provide added support by completely covering it above the gum line. This also means it can provide the necessary bite stability to preserve your dental functions.

How A Permanent Crown Is Put In Place

The crown that you receive will be custom-made to provide full coverage of your tooth above the gum line without interfering with its neighbors. Because we provide restorations that are customized for patients’ treatments, we will only place a crown that has been made for your tooth. At an initial appointment, we will take careful measurements and prepare your tooth to be fitted with its restoration. At a follow-up visit, it will be put in place. At this point, you can feel confident that your smile and oral health needs are being met.

What Else Can Your Dentist Do To Restore Your Smile And Oral Health?

When a cavity is caught in time, a more conservative dental filling can be used to restore your tooth. These restorations only cover the area affected by decay, leaving the surrounding structure unmodified. Our practice can still help you regain a full, confident smile even if a problem is so serious that your tooth is lost. With a custom dental bridge, or with a prosthetic held by a dental implant, we can provide a permanent replacement for any tooth that is lost or removed.

Talk To Your Northwest IN Dentist About Receiving A Custom Dental Crown!

Through the restoration of teeth with custom crowns, our practice helps patients affected by injuries or advanced cavities regain confidence in their appearance and oral health. Remember that we are here to help you prevent problems, too. When you schedule regular exams, you are less likely to experience difficulties that make restorative services necessary. To find out more or set an appointment, please contact Healthy Smiles in Northwest IN by calling 219-938-2637!