Restorative Treatment With A Lifelike Crown

When restorative dental work is needed, patients can count on our Gary, IN dentist’s office to resolve oral health issues while making the preservation of their smile a priority. We can do this even when you need the added support of a dental crown to guard a vulnerable tooth due to decay or injury. Crowns are carefully designed so that they fit over teeth, giving them complete coverage above the gum line. When in place, this restoration provides lasting bite support, keeps your underlying tooth structure safe from further harm, and can even preserve the way you look. This is because we use different material types, including substances that closely imitate the look of enamel.

Dental Crowns Provide Lasting Protection For Vulnerable Teeth

Crowns are an important part of treatment for people who need to undergo restorative dental work. Sometimes, a cavity will be too destructive to make treatment with a filling possible, or when an injury harms your enamel. Unfortunately, these problems that affect our teeth are permanent, which means they need to be treated with restorations that remain in place. With this in mind, we take care to provide crowns that are capable of remaining secure and in good shape even through years of biting and chewing. With that said, we also take care to use lifelike materials when dental work occurs in an area that is more visible when you smile and speak.

Can A Custom Crown Really Match The Appearance Of My Healthy Enamel?

A custom dental crown made with porcelain or zirconia can restore your tooth while mimicking its appearance. Through the placement of one of these restorations, we can make sure your smile does not change after cavity treatment, or work on an injured tooth. While both substances are strong enough to stay in good condition, a crown made of zirconia can provide more durability. We should note that other options, such as metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, are capable of providing more functional protection.

Timely Treatment Can Make A Dental Crown Unnecessary

When it comes to cavity treatment, there are certainly circumstances where dental crowns are not needed. Patients who regularly attend oral health exams can receive early warnings about tooth decay, which can mean treatment occurs sooner. Dental fillings provide effective support for teeth when smaller cavities are caught and treated, which means we can preserve more of your healthy tooth structure.

Your Gary, IN Dentist Can Provide A Lifelike Crown To Restore Your Tooth

The right treatment in response to a dental problem can have lasting benefits. At our Gary, IN dentist’s office, we can recommend treatment with dental crowns capable of supporting teeth while also matching the appearance of healthy enamel. To find out more, you can reach Healthy Smiles by calling 219-938-2637.