Improving Smile Beauty With Gum Contouring

gary gum contouring

When you think about cosmetic treatment, you likely picture teeth whitening or maybe porcelain veneers. But what about the gums? Various factors could impact the gingival tissues, making teeth appear small or uneven and having a negative impact on smile beauty. In today’s blog, your Gary, IN, dentist will discuss how we correct these issues in one visit with gum contouring.

The Gummy Smile (and Poor Periodontal health)

When we have excess gum tissues, this could display too much gingival tissue when we smile, which is referred to as a gummy smile. In addition, as we stated in the paragraph above, your teeth could look uneven, small, or misshapen, even if this isn’t the case. Which is why a contouring procedure is so essential. The procedure enables out team to address these esthetic issues in only one visit!

Laser Treatment

We start by carefully marking the portions that need to be removed, and planning the treatment with digital technology. We then use a dental laser to trim and remove these tissues, reshaping the gum line along the way. The procedure takes one visit, and you usually only need to take it easy for one day as your smile heals. We correct the appearance of your smile, and the use of lasers means there are no sutures, little to no bleeding, and often no need for anesthesia! Since the laser cauterizes the area, the risk of infection is minimized, and you return to normal activities and foods after only a day of rest. In just one sitting, you obtain a smile that is symmetrical and beautiful!

Addressing Periodontal Disease

We could also use the same lasers to help address periodontal disease. The result of untreated gum inflammation, the disease cannot be cured and over time, could lead to an advanced stage that destroys the tissue connecting your teeth and gums, causing adult tooth loss. However, with the laser system we can remove infected and diseased tissues, allowing healthy ones to attach to the teeth and reducing the depth of periodontal pockets. This means we can start managing the disease with routine dental cleanings every three to four months, keeping your smile healthy and whole.

If you have any questions about how we improve the esthetics of your smile, or about the treatments for advanced periodontal disease, then please contact our team today. We’re proud to offer advanced technology as part of your treatment process, helping you enjoy minimally invasive and effective solutions!


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