A Few Words About Gum Contouring and Gum Care

For most of us, when we think of smiles and oral health, the first thing that comes to mind is teeth. There’s no doubt that preventive care helps keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright. But the teeth don’t do it alone! Without the support and attractive frame of the gums, teeth would be in trouble! Your Northwest, IN, dentist has answers to your questions about gum contouring and gum care, to help you enhance and maintain your gum line, one of the most often overlooked facets of a healthy and beautiful smile.

What is Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring is a cosmetic procedure, designed to give the most attractive balance of visible tooth and visible gum tissue, when you smile. A gummy smile can cause teeth to look too small, even though they are appropriate in size. During a gum contouring procedure, your dentist will use a laser  to quickly and safely remove excess gum tissue around affected teeth.

Does Gum Contouring Hurt?

Before any procedure, we will make sure you know what to expect. We will numb any affected area before we begin, and we have sedative options for patients who request them to quell any anxiety. Sedatives also help you sit still, although gum contouring is generally not a lengthy procedure. The laser will trim the tissue and cauterize the areas, and most discomfort afterwards can be alleviated with over the counter pain relievers.

Tell Me More About Gum Care

Whatever your gum size and shape, keeping them healthy is important. Gum care recommendations include:

  • Brushing the gum line gently twice a day, when you brush your teeth
  • Avoiding a scrubbing motion when you brush your gums
  • Using a soft toothbrush, unless your dentist recommends otherwise
  • Flossing properly, including sliding the floss gently beneath the gum at the edge for each tooth crown.
  • Coming in for a checkup if your gums change in color, or bleed when you floss
  • Promptly removing any bits of food, such as popcorn or bits of nuts, that can work their way under the gum line.

Don’t Forget Your Gums When You Think of Your Smile

Your gum line is an important part of the health and the attractiveness of your smile. If you want more information about fixing a gummy smile, contact the team at Healthy Smiles in Northwest, IN at 219-938-2637 today.