A Simple Way to Mend Your Chipped Tooth

cropped image of a young business man smiling, over green backgroundFor many people, a seamless smile plays a significant role in their level of confidence, as it is usually the first asset one notices about a person. What’s more, experiencing a chip after making it a priority to take great care of your oral health and  prevent any cavities, blemishes, or other concerns can be disheartening. Fortunately, all hope may not actually be lost. In today’s blog, your Northwest, IN dentist looks at the way cosmetic dentistry such as bonding and contouring can mend your minor dental blemish.

Addressing Asymmetry

Physical damage to oral structures can result in a number of concerns that require different solutions. For instance, a tooth can become minimally cracked and have no other side effects aside from cosmetic inconsistency. In other cases, however, the crack can go much deeper than expected, causing sensitivity and pain as your nerve is now exposed. Cases such as the latter may require more extensive restorative procedures, such as a dental crown to protect the structure from further damage and allowing it to heal properly. In circumstances like the former example, however, a cosmetic bonding procedure can enhance your smile like new.

During your procedure, your dentist will apply a tooth-colored dental composite to the cracked or chipped area. We will then contour or shape the material so as to closely mimic the natural texture and appearance of your teeth. Once it is shaped to satisfaction, your dentist will then harden it and you will be good to go.

Mending Broken Structures

Cosmetic bonding and contouring serves to mend broken and chipped structures alike, as well as establish evenness and consistency throughout your smile. When you have a chip, all it takes is applying the composite resin and shaping it to restore your smile’s natural symmetry with a near lifelike appearance. What’s more, cosmetic bonding can be used to address gaps in your teeth as well. This procedure offers a minimally-invasive solution to helping you achieve the dream grin you have always wanted without sporting the crack or chip you may have received. For more information, contact our team today.

Shade-Match Technology

Another benefit of bonding and contouring your smile is the ability to closely mimic the natural appearance of your grin with shade-match technology. The composite resin used will first be matched to the color of your grin before placing. Before this procedure, however, your dentist may recommend a teeth-whitening procedure, as the resin is not responsive to whitening if you undergo that procedure later on.

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