The Best Thing You Can Do for a Cavity

Cavities are something no one wants to deal with. They can cause pain, discoloration, and anxiety. If you suspect you might have cavities, it can make you hesitant to schedule a dental appointment, for fear of receiving some bad news. However, this is the worst thing you can do when you have a cavity. The longer you avoid treatment, the worse your problems become. The best thing you can do for your cavity is to seek treatment as soon as possible. A lifelike dental filling can restore your teeth and have it looking brand new.

Dental Fillings Replace the Structure Eroded by Cavities

The best way to repair the damage done by a small cavity is to see your dentist. Your dentist can clean out your cavity and replace it will a dental filling. Cavities are formed by the metabolic activity of bacteria. As the bacteria on the surfaces of your teeth are allowed to grow, they produce corrosive acid that damages your enamel, eventually forming the cavity. The hard, durable structure of your enamel is what allows your teeth to hold up so well over time. It’s important to replace that structure with a dental filling when necessary.

Dental Fillings Can Restore the Esthetics of Your Teeth

Dental fillings provide a crucial, functional benefit, but they also provide cosmetic benefits. Older methods of setting fillings included using metal amalgams. While those amalgams are strong, they aren’t exactly discreet. Metal fillings tend to stand out when you smile, so having a natural-colored option is ideal. Tooth-colored ceramics or resin can often be used when setting your filling. These materials are still strong and durable, but they also match the appearance of your natural teeth. Furthermore, these materials often contour to the shape of your cavity better as well.

Tooth Decay Will Get Worse Over Time

For a number of reasons, you may be hesitant to visit your dentist. You may think that your cavity isn’t a serious issue, or you may be feeling anxious about the appointment. It’s important to know that tooth decay is a progressive condition. This means that the decay will continue to spread over time. A cavity that could be treated with a dental filling may need a dental crown after a few months. Treating any oral health issue as soon as possible is the best way to ensure a positive outcome for yourself.

Seek Dental Care at Healthy Smiles

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