How a Tooth-Colored Filling Saves Your Tooth from a Cavity

The good news about advanced dental treatment is that problems that could become serious, such as tooth decay, can often be stopped and treated with minimally conservative treatment. Since most people will have to deal with tooth decay in at least one of their teeth at some point, the ability to save teeth from cavities is an important part of modern dentistry. For many people, a tooth-colored filling can often be the best solution, and not only because it’s designed to blend in with your tooth.

Blending in with your smile

The appearance of a tooth-colored filling is only one of its benefits, but it’s an important one. Traditional cavity treatment often involved the use of metal amalgam material to fill the cavity after it’s been cleaned. While strong, metal amalgam contrasts sharply with the natural appearance of your tooth structure, and that contrast has caused some patients to hesitate in treating their cavities throughout the decades. However, with a more biocompatible mixture of acrylic and quartz-like particles, tooth-colored fillings can be customized to match the specific color and shade of any tooth that it restores.

Addressing the decay in your tooth

Appearance is the first thing you notice about your tooth filling, but the importance of filling your cavity and addressing the tooth decay that’s caused it can’t be overstated. In addition to matching the color of your tooth structure, a tooth-colored filling can also bond more securely to it. This helps the filling better prevent oral bacteria from entering the cavity after it’s been placed, which could lead to a more intensive infection and the need for more involved treatment (such as root canal therapy).

Fortifying your tooth structure

When tooth decay ravishes your tooth, the cavity that it leaves in its weak can have more serious consequences than you realize. Even after removing the infection and decayed tooth structure, the hole in your tooth can leave it weaker and more susceptible to damage due to your bite pressure. A tooth filling’s purpose isn’t just to treat decay and prevent it from reoccurring, but also to fortify the compromised tooth structure to restore its ability to function properly. With its more biocompatible nature and strong ability to bond with your tooth structure, a tooth-colored filling can often be the optimal solution for this.

Save your tooth with a tooth-colored filling

A tooth-colored filling won’t just blend in with your tooth’s appearance; it will also do a better job of protecting the tooth’s long-term health and integrity. To learn more, or to schedule your appointment, call Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637.