Restoring Your Smile After Tooth Decay Is Addressed

When a cavity is identified on your tooth, your dentist will need to excise the damaged area completely. Tooth decay develops until it forms a cavity, which will continue to spread and damage your tooth until it is completely removed. Of course, this does leave you with a section of dental material missing from your tooth. A dental restoration will provide you with the appropriate support. For smaller cavities, your dentist can place a dental filling, which earns its name by “filling” that absence. If a filling is not up to the job, you will need to have a dental crown fitted on your tooth.

What You Should Expect From Your Restoration

Crowns and fillings are meant to protect a tooth from future harm, and keep it safe from infection. After your restoration is secured, you should feel confident that you can use that tooth to bite and chew without discomfort. Thanks to improvements in the field of dental restorations, your smile will still appear natural. The composite resin used to make dental fillings will blend with your enamel, and you can receive an all-ceramic dental crown that can expertly disguise itself as one of your natural teeth.

Waiting Too Long To Treat A Cavity Will Lead To Serious Complications

One thing you should definitely be mindful of is how a cavity will continue to grow until it is treated. If you let it, a cavity will even allow bacteria to reach the interior of your tooth, and create a painful infection. To restore your tooth at this point, your dentist must perform a root canal, and remove the infected living tissue.

Count On Excellent Restorative Work From Dr. Cain

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