Quiz: What Your Dentist Can Do In A Routine Visit

what your dentist can do in a routine visitIf you keep up with scheduled dental appointments – people should typically see their dentist twice annually – you may already know what your dentist can do for you in a routine visit. However, if you only see your dentist when you have a problem with a tooth, you may not realize how many important services you miss out on. A checkup and cleaning provide the resources you need to maintain a healthy mouth. They also serve to give you advance notice if there is a problem; restorative treatments tend to be less involved when an issue is found early.

True Or False: The Cleaning Your Hygienist Performs On Your Teeth Is The Same As Brushing Your Teeth

False! A cleaning from your hygienist goes beyond what you can do at home. Hardened plaque, called tartar, can be too tough for you to remove through brushing and flossing at home.

True Or False: You May Not Realize When A Cavity Has Formed On A Tooth

True! When a cavity first develops, it only affects your enamel. You may not feel anything is wrong, but your dentist’s examination can spot decay even at the early stages, before the cavity becomes painful.

True Or False: Your Dentist Can Spot TMJ Problems During A Routine Visit:

True! If you suffer painful jaw movement, headaches, or other issues, your dentist can check if TMJ problems are responsible, and help address the issue.

True Or False: During Your Routine Visit, Your Dentist Will Check For Any Signs Of Oral Cancer

True! As part of your checkup, your dentist will look for any sores, lesions, or other indicators of oral cancer.