Has Jaw Movement Become Painful? TMJ Treatment Can Help

We perform basic jaw movements so frequently in the course of a day that they can generally escape our notice. However, if you start to feel the effects of TMJ disorder, basic actions like biting, chewing, and speaking can become distracting due to pain, or limited movement. At our Gary, IN dental practice, we have experience treating people who struggle with TMJ issues, and we can help you fully resolve your troubles. You can bring up the problem during your next routine dental checkup, or reach out to schedule a visit if you are starting to worry about your discomfort. You should take this problem seriously, as it can lead to persistent issues with headaches, facial pain, and other forms of discomfort. If your symptoms include chronic teeth grinding, you also have to worry about the condition of your teeth!

TMJ Disorder Can Leave People In Frequent Discomfort

When problems start to affect your jaw joints and muscles, the symptoms you experience can affect different areas of your face, neck, and head. People who have trouble with chronic headaches are often struggling with TMJ issues, even if they do not realize it. You may also find that biting, chewing, and speaking are difficult to do without experiencing some pain or limited movements. While problems can affect you throughout the day, you may experience more significant discomfort during the mornings if you have troubles with teeth grinding, also known as bruxism.

Discussing Treatment For Jaw Pain And Sensitivity

Make sure you talk to your dentist about pains in your face, head, neck, and jaw during an appointment. While our practice is ready to respond to problems like tooth decay with the appropriate restorative dental treatment, we are also ready to help you put a stop to issues like these. TMJ treatment can take the form of a custom oral appliance that your dentist gives you. When worn, this special guard can reposition your jaw in order to relax the muscles, and reduce stress being placed on the joints.

Stop A Teeth Grinding Problem Before Your Smile Is Damaged

If you wake up with dental pain or sensitivity, as well as issues like facial soreness and stiffness, the problem could be nightly teeth grinding. You may require a custom mouth guard in order to protect your smile while you sleep. It is important to seek help with grinding as soon as possible. Over time, you can wear down teeth to the point that you feel self-conscious about your smile, or even cause serious dental damage!

Talk To Healthy Smiles Of Northwest Indiana About Your Jaw Pain

At Healthy Smiles Of Northwest Indiana, patients who show signs of TMJ dysfunction and/or bruxism can count on quality care! Our practice has experience resolving these problems, and we can help you by restoring teeth that have been damaged by teeth grinding. To find out more about our services, or to schedule your appointment, call Healthy Smiles in Gary, IN, today at 219-938-2637.